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Jenni Lee

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About her:
Body type: Average
Pussy hair: Bald/shaven
Hair color: Brunette
Pussy type: Innie
Tit size: Medium Tits
Tit type: Natural

珍妮•李,谁也称为斯蒂芬妮Sadorra,是更美丽的女孩在成人行业今天。 与她和她的性感的邻家女孩般的身材看起来,珍妮已经我们的许多观众为大粉丝。 珍妮是一个南方女孩,出生在1982年2月11日,田纳西州克拉克斯维尔。 与她蓝色的眼睛,她的头发和她的伟大的完美的32 c 23 35图,珍妮开始在商业和主流建模在早期。 珍妮开始她的职业生涯作为一个模型,一个顶级的模特机构在Tennesssee在19岁。 她曾经出现在大量的广告,是建模和是一个脱衣舞女当她走近进入色情行业在2005年。 她喜欢站在舞台上为人们表演,所以珍妮决定尝试自己。 从那时起,珍妮已被收录在超过30个dvd和多个网站。 她也被刊登作为一个妓女中间插页,2008年1月,上几乎没有法律2008。 她最喜欢的照相机在女同性恋场景。 一个双性恋,她爱黑发和亚洲女孩和妇女享有自己的构建。 2009年,聽离开成人行业继续在主流自由建模和工作作为一个专业的扑克玩家。


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所以我在我的办公室做一些文书工作,当我决定把这个天赋,原定今天拍摄。 我想见到她,因为每个人都在谈论她。 她的名字是,她是一个瘦,性感和一个异国情调的女人,拥有最完美的山雀我锟絭e见过。 所以我开始和她说话就来了解一点关于她的个性。 但是老实说我并锟絫关心什么她说。 我只是想看她的裸体。 所以我告诉她把她所有的衣服脱下,给我一个小跳脱衣舞。 从那里我简直锟絫抗拒她,我们开始做爱。 我诅咒她的屁股太好,她呻吟像我锟絭e。聽前所未闻的

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When Jenni walked in the office I couldn't help but notice what a great ass she had. All I could think about was how hot she must fuck in bed. But alas, this is a tugjob. A really good handjob at that. She wanted a big dick to stroke and when she got it I could feel her pussy getting wet. She is an amateur and yet she gave a pro tugjob. She licked my cock up and down I thought she was going to give me a blowjob or something. Did I mention this girl's tities are nice and plump? I felt like sucking them. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did. It's a classic!

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It's time again for me to grace you banana buffers with some awesome remastered shenanigans. This time we got Jenni coming by Preston's apartment for a big mouthful. She get's him turned on with nasty talk and he hits right back by shoving his dick in her mouth. She loves every inch of it, as she sucks the shit out of it. Things get hotter when he puts it in her tight little pussy, making her moan all the way through. Of course it wouldn't be a Big Mouthfuls if she didn't get exactly that. She gets a big mouthful and then some. Preston blows his trademark load into the back of her throat and she swallows every drop! Enjoy!

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 is in the mood for penis. She's in luck because BangBros has plenty of those. Rich tried to get his penis sucked but to no avail. His man pole couldn't get hard. Fucking loser! Luckily we had Brick Danger in the house. He's ready to fuck or get his penis sucked anytime of the day. Jenni sucked his hard stiff penis until he unleashed a heavy load of man juice all over her face. What a pretty face. Enjoy!

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You like Handjobs? Sure you do. We got one for you today; a really good handjob at that. Jenni wanted a big dick to stroke. It's good she came to Preston. Even though Jenni, at the time, was an amateur, she gave a pro tugjob. She licked Preston's cock up and down so good, I thought she was going to give him a blowjob or something. Did I mention this girl's titties are nice and plump? They're the definition of suckable. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did. It's a classic!